People always ask what we do. It sounds an easy question, but we fall in the middle of a few catagories


We make sandwiches fresh in front of you

We have a deli section with "pick 'n' mix salads

We have meals to take home

We have our range of homemade cakes

We have a range of grocery produce

We have the most amazing breakfast menu exclusive to us

We have really, really good coffee exclusive to us

All that and a splash of cheeky personality, thats roughly what we do.

Having succesfully run Lazy Dayz, and, we took some time out. Now, with a culmination of our experiences we have put our efforts in to deli to bring what we hope will be a great place to do foodie things.

40 Kirkton Park,

East Kilbride


G74 4HX

01355 221 995

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Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm