Sandwiches, made to order

We make sadwiches on our favourite breads, using our huge range of hand made fillings. Just the way you like it!

Salad & Deli Counter

Our mix and Match salad counter is a real treat. Priced per tub, we'll help you cram in as much as you like.

Meals To Go

Food you would like to make yourself...if you had the time. Our meals change all the time. check the weekly menu for latest ideas.

            Meals To Go

Our aim is to make good quality foods that people buy to enjoy again and again. Our experience has taught us that quality, above all else is what brings people back, we combine that quality with convenience, adaptability and friendly service to produce a whole product.

Breakfast To Go

Every one does breakfast. But no one does breakfast like this:-

We have a breakfast counter with the finest (specially made for us) granola's and clusters, fresh fruit, dried organic fruits, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, milk, honey.

Pick a pot and mix your own creation, have it hot like porradge or cold like cereal.

Lunch to go:

We have a vast array of quick lunches to take away. Our fresh bread sandwiches made to order just how you like. Or how about fresh homemade soup and oven baked potato with your choice of filling. Or one of our speciality pasta dishes (hot or cold). Then of course there's our salads- pick your size of container and have a mixture of everything!

Evening meals

Every week we have a sample menu, think of it like a restaurant, except you supply the seats.... The weekly menu will have a small selection of starters, mains, side orders and the then best bit....Puddings!